Dumont Racing Art

The company specializing in digital motorsport artwork

The unique painting technique, which Serge Dumont developed, catches the thrilling atmosphere of high-tech of Motorsport racing cars in a unique way and documents a piece of history for the posterity. First he draws his close-up on paper, then he scans the sketch and paint and mix all the colors on his screen together. His digital art is just as complex, exclusive and original than if he used paint on a canvas. Currently, he is accepting commissioned digital art according to your needs, regardless of size or subject. Find out more.


Exclusive numbered Limited Edition of 50. Size 16'' x 24'' (41cm x 61cm)

For more information on limited edition, send an email including the code of the image, by filling in the contact form and specifying the place of delivery to estimate shipping costs. The print is delivered in a cardboard tube and hand signed and numbered by the artist Serge Dumont